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Gemeinsam mit unseren Kooperationspartnern bieten wir Ihnen auf unsere Wildprodukte abgestimmte Weine an. Hier kommen Sie auf die Webseiten des Weingut Karl Schaefer GmbH & Co.KG und hier können Sie auch unsere Weine bestellen.

Weingut Karl Schaefer GmbH & Co.KG

Weingut Karl Schaefer GmbH & Co.KG
The winery Karl Schaefer located in the Palatinate was founded in 1843 by the spa doctor Christian Schaefer. For his therapy he used white wine as a treatment of detoxification (Schroth cure). But the genuine winemaker was his son Karl Schaefer. Job and Nana von Nell are running the winery in the 6Th generation. Eight famous terraces with different soils belong to the 18ha estate. The Weilberg GG (Großes Gewächs) is located in a shell limestone riff. Karl Schaefer was founding member of the VDP and is specialized on Riesling, Pinot Noir and sparkling wines. For at least sixteen years we have worked organically and our efforts dominantly focus on a healthy soil and a
Winemaking philosophy?
As wine is “produced” above all in the vineyard we focus an healthy soil and a specious-rich environment avoiding the disadvantages of a monoculture. The young motivated team around our 34 year old winemaker Johann Seibt try to work as close as possible to nature. The grapes are mostly hand harvested in small portions. Depending on the quality and need we bring the grapes by a cold maceration process to intense aromas. After soft pressing the spontaneous fermentation process starts especially for wines of the VDP.Erste Lage and VDP.Große Lage. These wines lie on the full yeast up to the time they have completed their full richness and harmony. The vintage 2019 will come into the bottle in 2021.
What is the best piece of advice you have been given and how did you use that in your winemaking?
Following the golden rules “true to origin, honestly made and delicious taste”!
Who or what has been your most important influence and why?
The Books “ Postmodern Winemaking” by Clark Smith and “Teaming up with Microbes” by Jeff Loewenfels and Wayne Lewis. They gave us a better understanding of working with the nature using natural processes.
How can people best enjoy your wine?
You can enjoy them pure! The wines of VDP.Erste Lage and VDP.Große Lage matches perfectly to fine dining
More Information: Weingut Karl Schaefer GmbH & Co.KG.